The easiest and fastest way for individuals to cross the ocean is by airplane so that they can be at their destination within a few hours but this is definitely not conducive for transporting home goods and large personal items like your boat or car. If you are going to be at your new location permanently or for any length of time then you need to consider the options of how to ship your boat across the ocean and the best place to start is with the shipping freight vessels. These freighters are very large and capable of transporting a large amount of bulk goods to anywhere in the world for an affordable cost. It definitely beats trying to sail your boat across the ocean!

The first step when looking for a boat shipping company is to check online so that you can review the websites and see what services they have to offer. There are usually several different ways to transport a boat and having a good understanding of these options can help you make a better decision for your unique situation. You should always work with a shipping company that is reliable, requires and provides the necessary shipping documents and can deliver in a timely manner. Once you have identified the company that you want to ship your boat you now need to work with them on the details.

In order to ship your boat overseas through this type of company, you need to have the bill of sale and title so that the business knows you have the legal right to have it transported. You can have their team pick up the boat from your location or you can bring it to them which might save you some money on the overall bill. There are at least three separate ways to transport the majority of boats including roll on/roll off, secured in its own container that is then loaded onto the freighter or flat-rack service where the boat is loaded directly on to the freighter. Unless there are special circumstances or size constraints, the option is up to and delivery schedule should be discussed with the representative if it will vary based on your decision. All necessary paperwork is transferred between the parties so that everything runs smoothly at the dock in the final destination. The best companies ensure that you are given details and instructions for every step in the process so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding.

It helps when you can simplify the moving process and let someone else handle the details so make sure that you work with a reliable and professional boat shipping company. You can usually start the process by completing an online form that gives the representative the basic information about your boat so that they can put together a cost estimate and plan of options. From there it is a matter of coordinating the dates and having it packaged nice and secure so that it arrives in the same condition it left!

This is by far the most pressing question out there that every boat enthusiast that is about to import his/her first boat asks himself/herself. And it is only natural, since one of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to be completely excited and expectant about something, only to learn that it will be much more difficult than originally planned to have it.

But this is exactly what happens when purchasing a boat from the USA. Sure, when it comes to boats, the market that the USA has to offer is without a doubt the best and most varied, with great offers on both new and second-hand boats and with an amazing array of brands and models to choose from. However, the purchasing process itself represents not even half of everything that needs to be done in order for you to finally have your boat.

Choosing a boat, asking every single imaginable question to the possible seller and then having the boat thoroughly tested both externally and internally (its motor) are steps that one usually takes when buying a boat in person. But the curious thing is that these are the very same steps that anyone undertakes when buying a both from the USA. The big difference however, is that when buying a boat from abroad a series of additional steps have to be considered, most of which involve the proper shipping and handling of the boat, as well as dealing with all the import and export regulations and customs procedures implemented by each of the countries involved in the process.

And while you might be able to somehow take care of the proper shipping of your soon-to-be boat, the truth is that once it comes to dealing with all the import and export regulations and its related paperwork, you run the risk of delaying the shipping of your boat for months at the very least.

This is why International Boat Transport exists and why it is imperative for anyone considering importing a boat from the USA to hire professional services like the ones we offer. These include a complete shipping solution that goes from the careful wrapping and shipping of your boat to the handling of all the paperwork required by the Customs department of every country involved. On top of that, we have agents located on-site at every port, which provides our customers with a great peace of mind and which ensures that every single boat arrives to its destination promptly and safely.

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