Process of Shipping Boats Internationally

Here’s a short overview of how International Boat Transport process works:
  • After accepting the quote and terms from our Company – Make the reservation
  • Our team will contact you (or the seller of the boat) to review the details and set up shipping dates.
  • Confirm that all required documents including the boat title and bill of sale are available.
  • If you requested the pick up – we will dispatch the tow-away or trucking company to pick up the boat / yacht.
    If you’re delivering the boat to the port or warehouse yourself – we will provide the delivery instructions and documents.
  • Your boat will be shipped depending on the type of the service we agreed:
    ++ with roll-on roll-off service your boat will stay at the port until the next Ro/Ro vessel arrives for loading. No unrelated items inside the boat are allowed.
    ++ with full container load or flat-rack service your boat will be loaded right away. You may have extra items inside the boat and container
    ++with lift-on lift-off service your boat / yacht will be lifted from the water & secured to a cradle before it’s loaded onto the vessel’s deck
  • We file the export declaration and submit the boat title / bill of sale to US Customs for export clearance
  • Boat / Yacht (or container with the boat) is loaded onto the ocean vessel
  • The vessel operator provides us with the shipping document – Bill of Lading. It may take 3-5 days after the vessel departure.
  • We will issue Marine Insurance if you requested it
  • We will request the final payment for our service (if it hasn’t been done earlier)
  • All shipping documents and your boat title & bill of sale are returned to you by mail (as per options you selected on your Booking Form)
  • We will provide you the contact details of the port agent so you can get ready to receive your boat at the destination.

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